The Four P’s of Silver Plating

Prepare | Plate | Polish | Protect

Step 1: The first ‘P‘ in our simple four step process is to Prepare your item for the silver plating process. To prepare your item for silver plating process, simply open the Tarnish Treatment included in the electroless silver plating kit and either pour into a bowl and submerge or dab onto a clean soft cloth and gently apply the Tarnish Treatment to the item until it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Once you have ensured that your item is a compatible base metal, you will need to clean your item with the Medallion Care Tarnish Treatment. This is a very important step because it will not only remove tarnish but also other buildup that orrurs over time which dulls your silver finish.

After you have cleaned your item with the Medallion Care Tarnish Treatment make sure to rinse your item thoroughly with cold water and dry. Easy right? Now you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2: The second ‘P‘ is what we like to call, the fun step. You are going to Plate pure .999 silver to your item in seconds! It’s easy as 1,2,3.

Before you open your Liquid Silver, shake the bottle to ensure that no seperation has occured. Put the latex gloves on that came in your kit (this is just to prevent your hands from discoloration). Then simply apply a small amount of the Liquid Silver to the application sponge that came with your kit and begin to buff your new silver onto your item by creating friction. The Pure Silver will begin to bond in seconds right before your eyes! It’s so fun and easy to do you’ll find yourself coming up with all sorts of unique projects to use the Liquid Silver for!

Once you have silver plated your item on the desired areas simply wipe off any left over residue with a soft cloth. You only have two very easy steps left to complete the silver finish! Let’s see step three!

Step 3: You’re almost done with your new Silver Finish! The third ‘P‘ in our simple four step process is to gentlyPolish your new silver finish with the Medallion Care Jewelry Polish. Again, before you open the Silver Polish shake well, then apply a small amount to the white cloth you received in electroless liquid silver plating kit and gently buff the entire silver finish. This will bring out the true luster and shine that silver is known for and remove any dullness.

Now that you have Prepared, Plated, and Polished your new silver finish, it’s time for the easiest step of all, well next to sitting back and enjoying the beautiful finish. Let’s take a look at the fourth and final step!

Step 4: The last ‘P.’ Finally your old, dull, or tarnished silver has a new luster and shine like it’s brand new! You can enjoy using or displaying them proudly once again. But before you do, why not Protect your new silver finish with the Medallion Care Tarnish Defender. First, remove the existing cap from the Tarnish Defender and replace it with the spray cap included in your electroless silver plating kit. Then just lightly spray on and buff with a soft cloth. That’s it, you’re done! Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy your new silver finish!

Step 1: Prep!

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Step 2: Plate!

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Step 3: Polish!

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Step 4: Protect!

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